Rewind [ Klaus Mikaelson ]

Rewind [ Klaus Mikaelson ]

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MadMikaelson By MadMikaelson Updated Feb 08, 2017

A thousand years before your eyes are reading this the first vampires were born. These were the Mikaelsons.
I knew these once upon a time, I was close to them but none more than Niklaus Mikaelson.
"You and your family spilt the blood of my best friend!" I shout at Niklaus in front of me.

"I didn't want to, father made us. It was the only way." He tries to explain.

"No! It is your fault that she is gone! Her death is now the consequence of you being a monster!" I scream.

"I'm not a monster!" He shouts at me back.

"Yes you are!" I scream at him.

"No!" He roars.

I fall backwards due to his palms pushing me. I land forcefully on the ground. I could feel blood escaping my head. 

"No no no! Kenna...No." Niklaus says in barley a whisper.

He places his wrist against my mouth. I felt the red liquid drizzle down my throat. 
My sight was now completely black.
"What are you doing in Mystic Falls?" He asks me.

"I'm here to kill my doppelgänger, Caroline." I tell him.

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