Dark Innocence

Dark Innocence

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Rae Bartolome By kairusrm Updated Aug 15

He's the friendly dark knight.
She's the enclosed snow white.

He went to the opposite of the typical.
She follows everything in the book of norm.

He's writing the book of answers.
She's drowning in the pool of secrets.

He freed himself.
She caged herself.

He was brutal.
She was honest.

He is the crazy new neighbor.
She is the girl who don't know herself.

He is eternally hers.
But she isn't his.

Then he came back to change it and set havoc into her life.


lots of complex scenarios. 
Supplied with some curses.
Random ideas.

Not yet proofread, so expect a number of grammatical errors (apologies for the grammar Nazis out there).

  • alpha
  • bromance
  • chosenmate
  • couple
  • fantasy
  • humor
  • jealous
  • jealousy
  • love
  • mates
  • moongoddess
  • mystery
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  • werewolf
-chokelatte -chokelatte Mar 24, 2016
*looks around* 4 Comments?! Ha! NOW IT'S FIVE BECAUSE I'M LOVING THIS BOOK
books2imagine books2imagine Nov 18, 2016
Don't say that im 19 even i have never ever went to a party except birthday party for 3 yrs old cousin
SoulkeeperII SoulkeeperII May 24, 2016
If I have e forcing friend like that I will punch her in the face and tell her to shut the hell up and next day I will attend her funeral if you know what I mean.
Sophiacravestoread Sophiacravestoread Jun 29, 2016
Aye! Love that name but I think mine is obviously better😂😂
BloodyUchihaEve BloodyUchihaEve Nov 18, 2015
This story is really nice. It reminds me of the black bird manga. If you haven't read it yet then you'll love it. The girl can see monsters there too.
jackie-- jackie-- Nov 07, 2015
wow, for your first story that was amazing! I can tell your gonna be successful.