The Alpha And The Rogue

The Alpha And The Rogue

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Little Red By lara_spence Completed

She's been a rogue all her life and wants it to stay like that. She can be calm, sweet, caring and loving if she wants to but not for anyone she hates.

He's an alpha and wants his mate so badly he would kill, he doesn't care if she's a rogue, he wants her and he wants her now.

A war between good and evil is upon the pair will she choose good with her mate or evil with the devil?

ahviejolie ahviejolie Sep 23, 2016
Please, that was crossed off my bucket list like 5 years ago
SirTurtleLord SirTurtleLord Dec 11, 2016
Me: Aw man, Imma steal so much and never work ever! I am so impressionable!
                              Author: Nah, chill fam. Don't be about dat thug lyf.
                              Me: Thank you kind stranger! I have seen the error of my ways and shall never steal!
                              What even 😂
Oblivious_Sunflower Oblivious_Sunflower Dec 21, 2016
This shall be Squishy, and he will be my squishy... hehe 😂I LOVE DORY🐟🐳🐠🐋
4everdauntless6 4everdauntless6 Jun 14, 2016
Invisibility cloaks = Harry Potter❤❤ Potions = Severus Snape❤❤ 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌
Scarlettwitch1234 Scarlettwitch1234 Sep 02, 2016
Awwwww but I always steal cause when i ask it's always a "no"