Royals [Completed]

Royals [Completed]

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Book #1 in the Royal's Trilogy

WARNING: I wrote this when I was still a lil' infant in the world of writing so if it's very strange with barely any description and a little bit confusing, I do apologise. If you have now been put off by this message, go read another one of my stories which I have  created more recently which I am very proud of. However, if it hasn't, please enjoy xxx

Kara-May Riptide never bothered about the life of the Royal Family, mainly because she had her own problems to worry about. Becoming an orphan at the age of 8 is one of those problems, the other problem is that she has to live with her Grandad, who has no Wi-Fi, and no relationship life what-so-ever.

But suddenly all that changes when Kara's Grandad drops the bomb about him marrying the Queen. They are to live in a huge palace in London and be treated like Royalty because that's what they are now, part of the Royal Family.

Money, dresses and crazily expensive gifts now surround her but Kara's far from happy, so that's why she goes out and takes her life into her own hands. And that's when she meets the guy of her dreams, an 18 year old boy named Joe.

But not long after meeting the love of her life, Kara becomes incredibly ill, and that's when Joe and some other friends become so much more closer.

Read and find out how Kara has to handle her illness, her relationship life, and her life of being Princess of England.


All of the idea's in this story are mine, so please don't copy any of them or you will be reported.
Enjoy! xxx

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Cool! Love it so far looking forward to reading the next chapter;-)
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