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✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

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MekuKuro By MekuKuro Completed


Big Breats? - Check.

Short skirt? - Check.

Random guy grabbing some boobies? - Check.

Pantyshot? - Check.

There are some anime cliches out there, that are just... ugh.

So here ya go!

{ First book in the anime-cliche-series }

Frisk223 Frisk223 May 02
there are more, of the top of my head: tsundere, dandere, yandere, kundere, himedere, kamidere, genki, loli, tsunshun, dojikko, sukiban, bokukko and nadeshiko
The Manga makes our eyes bleed.
                              The Anime makes our eyes and ears bleed.
My friend showed it to me once
                              After that, I threw myself into the washer with the clothes
Yori__Yoshida Yori__Yoshida Nov 21, 2016
Some people are into this kinda stuff, I'm personally not. Anyone who's ever been on DeviantArt/Wattpad (and other fanfiction sites like Quotev, too long would know.
-_Suspect_- -_Suspect_- Jan 05
Touka from Tokyo Ghoul -_- *cough* make babies with Kaneki we know you love him *cough* 
                              Idk a lot of the fandom that ships them (including me) think she likes him..... 
                              But there are still WAY more Tsundere's with more proof that we can tell loves/likes a person
LucytheHeartfilia LucytheHeartfilia Oct 23, 2016
*After watching that anime* *drinks a whole bottle of bleach*