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✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

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MekuKuro By MekuKuro Completed


Big Breats? - Check.

Short skirt? - Check.

Random guy grabbing some boobies? - Check.

Pantyshot? - Check.

There are some anime cliches out there, that are just... ugh.

So here ya go!

{ First book in the anime-cliche-series }

Frisk223 Frisk223 May 02
there are more, of the top of my head: tsundere, dandere, yandere, kundere, himedere, kamidere, genki, loli, tsunshun, dojikko, sukiban, bokukko and nadeshiko
EleanorPeacham EleanorPeacham Nov 11, 2016
They're referred to as deres, thank you very much.
                              And there's more kinds than just four.
                              And also...
                              I'm Kuudere.
                              My OC is Tsundere.
                              Yanderes can be cool.
                              Danderes can be cute.
                              So please no hate.
The Manga makes our eyes bleed.
                              The Anime makes our eyes and ears bleed.
My friend showed it to me once
                              After that, I threw myself into the washer with the clothes
Yori__Yoshida Yori__Yoshida Nov 21, 2016
Some people are into this kinda stuff, I'm personally not. Anyone who's ever been on DeviantArt/Wattpad (and other fanfiction sites like Quotev, too long would know.
-_Suspect_- -_Suspect_- Jan 05
Touka from Tokyo Ghoul -_- *cough* make babies with Kaneki we know you love him *cough* 
                              Idk a lot of the fandom that ships them (including me) think she likes him..... 
                              But there are still WAY more Tsundere's with more proof that we can tell loves/likes a person