✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

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Big Breats? - Check.

Short skirt? - Check.

Random guy grabbing some boobies? - Check.

Pantyshot? - Check.

There are some anime cliches out there, that are just... ugh.

So here ya go!

{ First book in the anime-cliche-series }

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Tell me about it. My friend's mom banned anime because of this crap. People need to get their facts straight. Animes can be really insightful.
I sometimes act Tsundere towards others , but I'm a Yandere when I'm in front of myself , Like I get obssessed of Kurapika and Killua.. Yes , I'm between Tsundere and Yandere
insanejoke insanejoke Apr 10
Hentaiis not fully anime. You don't call every film a porn because there us porn
BLfangirl765 BLfangirl765 Aug 23, 2017
It's hentai. Of course it's SEX. And I won't deny it I'll say it loud and clear I WATCH HENTAI AND I LIKE IT.