✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

✔ Stupid Anime Cliches

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Big Breats? - Check.

Short skirt? - Check.

Random guy grabbing some boobies? - Check.

Pantyshot? - Check.

There are some anime cliches out there, that are just... ugh.

So here ya go!

{ First book in the anime-cliche-series }

I personality didn't like the anime (what's seen can't be unseen), but some people are into that stuff. I had one friend who watched it all the way through and loved it. She claimed "It wasn't that bad, fanfiction has already ruined my life."
Some people are into this kinda stuff, I'm personally not. Anyone who's ever been on DeviantArt/Wattpad (and other fanfiction sites like Quotev, Fanfiction.net) too long would know.
- - Aug 23
This name is from now on taboo. It will never ever be spoken ever again.
torrrtia torrrtia Jul 15
I got hella bored the other day so i watched hentai like all day
*After watching that anime* *drinks a whole bottle of bleach*
True tho, lots of people think anime is just sex and girls in weird 'sexy' positions on pody pillows.