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[COMPLETED ON DECEMBER 28, 2016] Previously known as Messenger. [warning: this was written when i was thirteen, so expect plot holes, cliche moments, incorrect grammars etc. this is a rough draft so bear with me please.]

❝As the sun went down, I watched as my happiness slowly fade into the endless pain of life. Too deep and lost into the abyss labyrinth of suffering to even consider going back.❞
  • • •

Audrey Miles, her life was normal, she was liberated and all. But when her best friend asked her to do her some favor, everything changed, including this thing that people call 'love'. 

"Audrey, please, be our messenger, you just need to send me his messages. My mom is against our relationship and you know how much I love him, how much we love each other. Please, he's going to send the messages to you and then you'll just send it to me," she begged in front of me.

"That doesn't even make any sense. If I send the messages from him to you, your mom will see it and I'll be the one she'll blame. I don't wanna face your mother's wrath," I shook my head vigorously.

"No, she doesn't look through our messages, she trusts you." 

"Well then I don't wanna break her trust."

"No you won't. I promise, just please, do it for me. I bet it won't be that bad, we will see each other in school."

"That's it! You two would still see each other in school, can't you wait to see each other?"

She chuckled and shook her head, smiling. "You really don't know how does it feel to be in love. A day isn't enough."

• • •

Little did I know I was already falling for someone who's going to be gone. But then this guy came and stole my heart with his eyes.

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MahiRaisa MahiRaisa Sep 04, 2017
I'm sorry but can we just Take a moment and just look at the cover and the name like I never click anything like this but the cover and the name I think in just fell in love.
Slayyymimi Slayyymimi Aug 03, 2016
For some reason he looks like barry allen 😜😍 (the flash)
LeaveMeAlone_15 LeaveMeAlone_15 Jul 08, 2016
Girl your cover was amazing, and this description is even better!!
mikiminach mikiminach Mar 04, 2017
bitchh what are you expecting? for this girl to be running to each house for every reply? tf if you want to send him a message tell him at school
blurryvthinker blurryvthinker Feb 26, 2017
worldgirlalways worldgirlalways Jan 25, 2016
Very well written introduction! The concept is very refreshing!
                              Thanks so much for the dedication!