Rogue (Levi X Eren)

Rogue (Levi X Eren)

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DoMegXing By MeganDWinchester Updated Nov 25, 2016

Ever since he was a kid, the same sentence had been drilled into his head over and over again, like a broken record: one day, you will find your mate and you will be willing to sacrifice your own life for theirs. And ever since he was a kid, he completely ignored the laughable advice and instead focused on his studies and training.

So to Levi, it was all complete bullshit. He never found a mate.

That is, right up to the point when the dreaded moment came and he found himself to be soulmates not only with a seventeen-year-old kid but also a Lycan, the exact opposite of what was supposed to happen. The exact opposite of what he was.

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WhatAMIDoingHereO WhatAMIDoingHereO Jun 08, 2017
but, but... this is going to be SAD ::O why is it that things need to be sad in order to make a good story? XD it's short of that way though XD
ClaudePhantom ClaudePhantom May 21, 2017
Question is this going to turn into​ tylight 
                              Sorry can't spell
ingrans ingrans Jan 23, 2016
Even though vampires and werewolves are overused in fanfics, I love how you gave this story a particular style. I don't feel like I'm reading the same plot of a vampire novel and I appreciate it. Also the explanations you gave were interesting.