Alpha Mate

Alpha Mate

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Dejanique By cutii107 Completed

Well this is my first werewolf and vampire book so I hope you all like it <3


I woke up one morning feeling really thirsty I haven't hunted in 2 week and father would be upset if I let my thirst take over me. I hopped out of bed and took and nice hot shower, after showering I put on my hunting clothes(Black legging, my Three Day Grace shirt , and my black chucks)and headed down to my father's office. I knocked three times and waited till he said I could come in.

"Good morning father how are you doing?" I asked as I took a seat from across him.

"I'm fine Deja. You're going hunting I see," Father said taking in my appearance.

"Yeah haven't hunted in 2 weeks, so if it is alright with you I will be going before school," and with that I walked out his office.


When i got out side and ran straight to the woods next to the castle. As I was running I caught the scent of blood from a lion. I follow the smell until I found the lion asleep underneath a...

FaithTheNightWing123 FaithTheNightWing123 Aug 23, 2017
Wow. This is like, almost as dramatic as when me and my little sister play barbies. (Don't judge)
AveryDorman AveryDorman Apr 24, 2017
                              Sorry grammar police up in here! 😇😂😅😅😁😅😂😆😆😂😅☺️😁😅😇😇😇😅😂
xo_Sasshole xo_Sasshole Oct 27, 2013
A lot of grammatical errors and the story is way too fast.I think you need to revise this whole story.I do however,enjoy the story line.I can be your beta if you need it.So take this advice and your writing will improve vastly.
cheysoccer16 cheysoccer16 Sep 05, 2013
Where does she live to just have lions roaming around? Dang.