Don't love me

Don't love me

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Princess Rehana By rehanalovesyouall Updated Dec 19, 2016

"You know Sophie, whenever I see a girl cry, I always run away from them. But when I see you cry.....I just....want to take you in my arms and make sure that you feel everything is going to be alright", he confessed as he looked straight into my eyes, making sure I was all ears. Hearing him made a small tear leave the shelter of my eyes and run along the road of my cheeks. He gently brought his thumb towards my face and held it softly, rubbing my tears from the pad of his thumbs. 

And that made me collapse into his arms, feeling like the whole world was with me right now if he was here in my life.....


When Sophie Wilson moves from Virginia to Madison town to get over her parents death, she wanted to live a normal life and concentrate on her studies. She thought that she would be able to forget her past and all the secrets it held. 

But she didn't expect to meet someone who would change her life forever. She never expected that she would catch her school's biggest bad boy's eye, Chace Grayson. 

Hunter George is living a normal life as a teacher and trying to recover from his past which has ruined his life forever. But when he meets Sophie, who is his new student, he feels a forbidden attraction towards her. 

This is a tale of a broken girl who meets two broken guys. Now the real question is who will she choose? 

Read "Don't love me" if you want your answers........

Cover by: bridgey2000

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Currently editing plus updating.

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CaptainFoodLover CaptainFoodLover Jan 02, 2017
Madison Wisconsin?! That's only like 40-60 minutes away!! I honestly can't remember how long it takes even though I've been there multiple times 😂
CaptainFoodLover CaptainFoodLover Jan 02, 2017
Bruh that's small!! We have like 250 PER GRADE!! U know how terrifying that's is?! A lot of people don't know me and I don't have enemies but it's still intimidating with so many people there! If there are 250-300 per grade there is at LEAST 1000 students at my high school
DarkStoryAngel DarkStoryAngel Jul 30, 2016
I would have just stared at her like... 'Who the hell are you?'
emeraldlover6 emeraldlover6 Aug 22, 2016
I don't start reading it yet. Plz someone tell me that Francisco Lachowski is not turning into villain at any point...?
- - Aug 11, 2016
For your first story, this sis AMAZING! Its very well detailed, but also sad. I feel so bad for the girl, thinking it was her fault for the accident. But what did the  Sophie DO that made her think it was her fault?
Jamie_Baby_Rules Jamie_Baby_Rules Aug 02, 2016
No offense but I don't like Selena Gomez but it's your choice