Call My Name - Levi/Eren (Werewolf AU) - AoT/SnK

Call My Name - Levi/Eren (Werewolf AU) - AoT/SnK

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Cyrillia Heulwen By c-heulwen Completed

Eren Jaeger lived his normal-17-year-old-werewolf's life as a member of Wild Titan Pack, before everything changed in just one night when the enemy attacked for trying to take over their land and fortune. With the help of Carla Jaeger; Eren, Mikasa, and Armin made a run for their life. Not for long, though. As the two Alphas from other packs offered the trio some help.

But what would Eren do when one of the Alphas turned out to be his mate? How will Eren took it all in just less than 24-hours? Well, he was soon to find out as his normal life was going to become much more complicated with his protective, yet caring Alpha mate; Levi Ackerman. It's not like Eren could resist him, couldn't he? After all, your mate is your other half. You will want them more than anything in your life.

I never good at summary. // Friendly reminder that this is an AU. // Adult content on later chapter. // 99k+ words, completed (2016).

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Felt like that phrase would have been better with "Luna" then "moon"
it's hard to imagine a sexually involved armin, but it's also kinda hot so i don't mind
Your writing is amazing, really. Heart Sanctuary was really good and that was what got me here
I just imagine Armin with a really deep voice and it's freaking me out. 😫
Am I the only one having the slightest bit of trouble picturing Armin fūcking Mikasa😂