Gaming Princess (OHSHC FF)

Gaming Princess (OHSHC FF)

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It all started with a simple click and little taps to get me in another world...
A world of pixels
A world of fantasy, action and adventure
A world hidden from the face of reality
A world locked away from the cruel surroundings
The world where I reign..


It was perfect then..
It was so wrong, it felt so right..
It was so fake, it felt so real..
It was all good..

But, there's this thing called life..

Saying, all good things come to an end..

and that's when it happened..

A dialog box popped out on my screen

It was a mission


it said... 

I gladly accepted it..
and then it started..
the new game I'm about to face..


A gamer couldn't deny a mission,
and being the gamer that I am, also have my games, and being the player that I am, also have my own ways of playing..

bring it on..

|      [Yes]                [No]      |


•>Original Plot: Do not Copy<•

Mfantasy7 Mfantasy7 Nov 15
No Game No Life, if this isn't a reference then I don't know what to say...
sora626 sora626 Aug 31
Ok this whole chapter I had game over by falling in reverse stuck in my head for some reason and now it's not lol
2016keicry 2016keicry Oct 30
I so love the objective concept. Its so cool! 
                              (/ ' ^ ')/   \( ' ^ ' )/   \(' ^ '\)
*whispers shyly* is this a game of thrones/asoiaf reference?
Idk personally id like to know how they (whoever is doing this mission) knows whats happning and what shes doing
nanami77 nanami77 Jul 13
It's like him saying " awww, I just wanna hug you! Now, get out of my way biatch "