{Jelsa} The Dare That Became A Reality

{Jelsa} The Dare That Became A Reality

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Truth or dare, a simple game. You could be forced to reveal a dark secret, or you could be dared to perform crazy stuff. But they still won't change reality. 

But what happens when you're dared to date someone for a certain amount of time? 

Elsa and Jack have been dared to date each other for 2 months. Thinking it as a game of fun, they accept the challenge. But what if this dare becomes more than just a dare? Will love spark between them? And what will happen when the time limit, 2 months, is up?

~This book is completed.~

                              🙏 trying not to scream because my dogs sleeping and when she wakes up she barks
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nqdonluv nqdonluv Apr 16
Really? The smart girl got engaged to a man she just met lol :p
missJxnine missJxnine Oct 18
I can't believe That Elsa is His Bestfriend but this is how she act.
Oh oh I know!!! Pick me pick me!!........... The pen Eugune stole
                              FANGIRL SCREAM!
I dated one of my best friends once, then I dumped him...but now we're closer