Ignite + m.yg [HYYH pt. 2]

Ignite + m.yg [HYYH pt. 2]

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♡甲斐の妻♡ By -haikutae Updated 5 days ago

His mother wishes he never existed. If given the choice, she'd erase him from her life. What starts with one spiteful fire turns into many, and it's not helping him get away from her, but he can't stop, each fire re-lights whatever passion he has left for living.
He didn't expect anyone to care enough to change him, especially not someone who's gullible enough to do anything he says. Or someone with more problems then he will ever have, or even some pumpkin head.

HwaYang YeonHwa book 2

**Mature for: Strong Language, violence

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Blackstar557 Blackstar557 Jul 01, 2017
came straight here, after reading through the glass.. i'm ready... <3
Bra1n5catter Bra1n5catter May 18, 2017
Bruh, i slept at like 11 PM because of Through the glass,and even then i couldn't sleep well,  who knows what THIS is going to do me. 
                              (I'm ready tho,like i'm not ready, but at the same time i'm ready.)
notbyzelo notbyzelo Mar 21, 2017
My fingers keep scrolling, but my mind is all like "No not today"
jiminiist jiminiist Mar 03, 2017
Well, I'm back after reading gay smut  and I'm all ready for this book yayy *-*)/
0XYJIN 0XYJIN Feb 22, 2017
been mentally deciding i should read this
                              i made up my mind
BIG50josie BIG50josie Nov 30, 2016
Make more drama story please...through the glass is the most wicked drama story you made!!!!...you made me cry alot