Love of Olympus (A Percy Jackson FanFiction)

Love of Olympus (A Percy Jackson FanFiction)

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Daughter of The Big3 By DemigodInTraining Updated Jun 29, 2017

Annabeth breaks up with Percy because she has found someone else. Percy tells people it was mutual, but inside he is heartbroken, devastated. The gods notice but do not know what to do to help their hero. One day the fates show up with some shocking news...and a way to help Percy.


Read to Find Out!!!

This story has no inappropriate things because I don't do inappropriate. So all this story will have is hugging, kissing, and cuddling.

Still. Anyone who is against hugging, kissing, and cuddling, do not read this story!

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zeus57006 zeus57006 Mar 16, 2017
So... Incest. Poseidonxpercy ew,   Zeus x percy,ew. Percy x artemis ?
                              Percy x Athena? Okay. Percy x Hooker of Olympus? As long as no lemons,okay. Percy x Mr D? HELL NAW. Percy x hestia? Love it!! Percy x any other god, no. Percy x any other goddess,sure.
33_that_one_fangirl 33_that_one_fangirl Apr 23, 2017
is it bad i already shipped this? like i have thought of it before and it became one of my top five OTPS
Hadesworld Hadesworld Jun 07, 2016
Maybe say who says what instead of us having to guess who said what.
Look4_BananaPants Look4_BananaPants Jun 18, 2016
The Fates sure wre dramatic. "And finally." "He has." "Arrived."
ImADemiwizard ImADemiwizard Feb 22, 2017
                              I feel bad if I just do the dots.  I can't believe it.
- - Jul 23, 2016
Aphrodite was me when mcr said they weren't getting back together