Ninjago: Sister Scenarios

Ninjago: Sister Scenarios

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~Frosty~ By frosty_cupcakez Updated Jul 13, 2017

(Y/n) is the ninja's younger twin sister.         (Y/n) goes through different scenarios with her brother. Read my story if you want to find out about what its like to be the ninja's sister! You can request on my story if you like! I hope you enjoy. 

Bye my ninjas!

                        Frosty, out ✌️

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Bruisesshipping4Life Bruisesshipping4Life Dec 25, 2017
Minecraft, Sims (1,2,3,4...), Yandere Simulator (even if I'm too young XD), Life is strange aaaaaand Beyond two Souls ^^
2541FT 2541FT Dec 06, 2017
Hhhhmmmm do I like kaaaiii zaaanne oooor Jay...... Probably Zane.
Wolfie-Sama Wolfie-Sama Apr 04, 2017
I like the picture, the heart is covering Zane's poor face xD
Death_Dule Death_Dule May 20, 2017
CALL OF DUTY ADVANCED WARFARE, call of duty Black Ops 1, call of duty black ops 2, call of duty black ops 3, Lego worlds, Roblox (Xbox)
_Roxy_the_Wolf_ _Roxy_the_Wolf_ Nov 24, 2017
No one calls me a chic. You wanna know why? *uses powers* cause i can scare the daylights out of u.
Bruisesshipping4Life Bruisesshipping4Life Dec 25, 2017
I have short hair...
                              Some people say I look like Ardy (it's an old german Youtuber who's now in a band (DatAdam))