NARUTO = IN ANOTHER LIFE  - [Naruto x Sakura] Fan. Fic.

NARUTO = IN ANOTHER LIFE - [Naruto x Sakura] Fan. Fic.

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[ In this story, Sakura is a normal girl who is the daughter of a wealthy man and Naruto Is a well known ninja throughout the  ninja world. 

Naruto is a hero to the people and he is the next Hokage in line.

Sakura is a strong and independent girl, but knows a little about the outside word .

What happens next?]

I think it's better than it sounds 

--------->>>>>>> I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!!!!!!! Except for the plot and the OC'

I apologize if my english/grammar is wrong.

                              I'm dying... someone help me... I rlly can't breathe... poor Naru
KyouRiddler KyouRiddler Jun 27
I like this story a lot so far but there are a lot of spelling/grammar mistakes
For me madara is not evil he just wanted everyone to have peace
XxBaLnKxX XxBaLnKxX Jun 18
SHE WANTS GRANDBABIES ASAP (I'm dying lamo mama wants him a wife and couple kids XD)
DikshaDeo DikshaDeo Mar 20, 2016
So far so good..  probably the only narusaku story i ve enjoyed so far.