Safe and Sound ➵ Nico di Angelo

Safe and Sound ➵ Nico di Angelo

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something By stormdog101 Updated Oct 16, 2016

Scarlet Wolfe is a stubborn girl. She's sarcastic, sassy and way too adorable for one's own health. With her horrid life, she never wanted an annoying son of Hades enter it. Maybe he'd make it worse, maybe he'd make it better. But one thing's for sure: She never expected to fall for him, nor did she expect herself to change because of him. 

Nico di Angelo, the Ghost King has found the most annoying human being on Earth. She's much more annoying than Percy, Leo, Jason and Will combined--Nico was sure of that. Sarcastic? Yes. Sassy? Nico would most likely groan just to answer that question. He'd never wanted to impale someone so badly. He was annoyed by her, but he never hated her. Or did he?

In a twisted turn of events, these two just might become each other's salvations.

When these two are forced to go on a quest togeher (Aphrodite's orders, mind you), along with two other demigods, they'll attempt not to claw each other's faces out. After all, their quest is important. Scarlet's father has been kidnapped--godnapped if you must--and no one knows about his whereabouts. Oh gods, this is gonna be difficult, is it? Then again, demigods never had it easy.

A daughter of Athena,
A daughter of Poseidon,
A son of Apollo,
And a son of Hades.

When you put these four dorks in a quest, you get madness.

《Bisexual! Nico》

I wonder what Percy's withdrawal symptoms would be...hmmm...
sarasassy sarasassy Jan 16
stop making me suspo dude just say it i know you're bored af
sarasassy sarasassy Jan 16
in the opposite 
                              "eh your problem lil bro if you can't take it be an antisocial potathoe with me."
...and do curse his grand entrance insults the main character, his love interest. Of course.
                              Nice going, corpse breath (pls BECOME REAL I LOVE YOUUUUU)
Yes, honestly, Scarlet. You could have GENTLY punched him. GOD. THE NERVE.
sarasassy sarasassy Jan 16
AND SO STARS RAINED DOWN FROM THE HEAVENS - oh wait nvm it's just a locket