Amarith (Book One of The Amarithian)

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Briony By BrionyHeneberry Completed
Amarith, the daughter of a provincial lord in the kingdom of Vors, has never much cared for the life of a noblewoman. Despite her father’s desire for her to marry the Prince, she would much rather have been traveling the world, visiting taverns in far off kingdoms and taking orders from no one.
    When the death of the Prince’s son is blamed on a country to the north, however, Amarith finds herself caught up in an ambitious, three way power struggle that has dire consequences for her and her unexpected party.
    Still, that isn’t the true extent of her troubles.
    Somehow, a malevolent evil has been released from its magical imprisonment and begins a destructive rampage across Kalorea and the gods aren’t interested in helping.
    In fact, the most powerful god of all has Amarith in his sights and he won’t be satisfied until she has been severely punished for a crime she did not commit… or did she?
    The world that Amarith knew is falling apart around her and though she, the prince of Vors and his most loyal soldiers are on the kind of adventure she had always dreamed of, in her sinking heart she knows that things will never be the way they were.
    If they fail to defeat the insidious Enemy, dawn will rise no more over Kalorea.
    Malevolence will win.
    This is a story of power and political intrigue, of camaraderie and betrayal, magic and heroism and of devastating horror and immense courage where even the most distasteful character can do something worthwhile… and the shining lights, have sides of hidden darkness.
This is absolutely amazing! The sort of thing that you find in a bookshop! if you haven't already, publish it!
I just read and fell in love with this story! It was fantastic!
I have to agree with Pinkfire103. I love it and it would be a shame to change anything. Your story and writing style are very good and I hope you have lots of success with publishing it.
This is so wicked! Awesome ^_^ You have a great writing style
Interesting start :) The plot seems interesting, but not exactly my thing. Nevertheless, good job! :) Oh, and your writing style is real good :)
:O You dedicated this to me?!! *supersweetsmile* Thank you so much!!!  :)