Keep Moving On

Keep Moving On

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Azarath Metrion Zinthos By LikkleAngel Completed

[I honestly don't suggest people who haven't already started reading this to begin now it's not my best work and I'm only keeping this story on here because a) I don't like giving up and b) this was the first story I started writing on this account - LikkleAngel]

Liana has made herself rules. Rules to live her life be. Don't trust. Don't let her secrets loose. Don't make friends. Don't cry. And DON'T fall in love.

She wants nothing more but to save herself from an aching heart.

Once more Liana is returned to care by her 'family'. The only way she keeps herself carrying on is reminding herself that it's only a few moths until her eighteenth where she can start her own life. Where she doesn't need anyone.

Everyone's given up hope of her finding a home now. Even Liana herself.

But things start to change when she's put in to her last foster family she'll ever have. Her life turns around completely and she finds herself going against her own rules.

And as everyone knows when you stop playing by the's every man for himself......

StrawberryJellyfish StrawberryJellyfish Jan 27, 2015
why r all ur stories so sad? I heartbreakingly love them tho
Pure_Rain Pure_Rain Jan 07, 2015
I miss this story so much. This was one of the first books I've read on WattPad. I just...I love it so much <3 And I tried writing a spinoff of this one, that's how I got into writing. I can't believe this was your first ever WattPad story, you're doing SO WELL and this is just amazing <3
lostinparadis lostinparadis Nov 15, 2014
Thank goodness. I hate 3rd person POV stories. Idk I'm just picky
MixerSwagg13 MixerSwagg13 Apr 02, 2013
This is truly brilliant!! I love how you can draw people in with your writing style and how its so alluring and exquisite. Keep going forward girl, I'm living my dream too
sadzee sadzee Mar 06, 2013
PLZZZZ updatee…!!!!!!! m jus gettin furious by reading stories which didnt even end …!! :( u have left both your books… 1.HOW to turn a good girl bad and keep moving on…incomplete …that too when i am curious to know whats next…!! plzz for god sake update!
a___garcia a___garcia Feb 28, 2013