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Try Living With a Boy band.

Try Living With a Boy band.

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hannersbananers By hannersbananers Updated Feb 03

Spencer is an ordinary popstar who's been in the spotlight for a while. When she get the offer of a lifetime to travel around the US for a whole summer on tour with the worlds hottest boy band, she's pumped. (i mean who wouldn't be; Cute boys). But she's in for the ride of her life. With drama, boys, bitchy girls, and great best friends. Her relationships are tested with the pure pressure of being famous, and keeping a good image for herself. Can she make it work with a boy who shares the spotlight with her? Or will it all go downhill with made up rumors from the media? Being famous may be hard, but try living with a boy band.

LiterallyKenzie12 LiterallyKenzie12 Apr 10, 2016
Pffft with 2 cats and 2 dogs that house would never stay clean!
HarrehTheFrog HarrehTheFrog Jun 21, 2016
I would take my phone (if I were her) and take a picture then post it on Twitter,Facebook,And Instagram (plus others that I forgot)
GenesisHemmings02 GenesisHemmings02 Aug 17, 2016
Crooked smile, brown hair, brown eyes, named Alex, yep, definitely Alex Gaskarth
XxWriteToReadxX XxWriteToReadxX May 02, 2015
I'm pretty sure she's going to fall for Alex, but the drummer, Ryan, is more my type.
WannaBeAbook WannaBeAbook Mar 23, 2015
*accept, sorry I usually hate ppl who correct spelling, but I had trouble reading this until I realized it meant 'accept' and not 'except'
SacredScreams SacredScreams Dec 30, 2013
Sorry, I was reading this & -keeping in mind that it's 2:55am over here in England- I had the sudden craving for bread & butter..... Anywayssss, just thought I'd let you know that your book made me want to stuff my face with bread & butter!:D........ Oh! & your book is awesome!:D x