Awakening: The Prince

Awakening: The Prince

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EasDeath By EasDeath Updated Feb 09, 2016

When Mavis use the Fairy Sphere and the people taking S-class exam are frozen for seven years. Natsu Dragneel memories about his unknown past revealed.

After 7 years, he will look for an answer and become more powerful as his memories in the past will return.

There will be an OC and adventure :)

Abornazine0 Abornazine0 Jun 23
Oh, dats how you know this is serious. When it says "Authors POV" sh!t is goin down, lol :P
I don't like Nalu nor Nali but I love Nami or Gratsu or Latsu (Laxus x Natsu)
Chibi_Mitch Chibi_Mitch Jan 01
My favorite pair is 
                              I hate
Same chub I frisk but I don't ship Naza that much but I ship Jerza 
                              I wish there's a Zervis ship in this story
                              Name: Zeref Dragneel
                              Age: 400+
                              Abilities: ankhaseram magic etc
                              Relation: -Brother of Natsu dragneel
                                                - (I forgot his son's name)