Accidental Love

Accidental Love

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A sexy chuckle from a man came quietly from behind me and I tensed noticeably. "What are you doing back here? No one is aloud back here but WWE members." 

I winced, too scared to turn around to face the man behind me. "Uhh looking for my dumb-ass friend who dragged me back here, well she ran back here and I followed but either way my dumb-ass friend is somewhere back here and soo yeah. Please don't call security . . ." I shrugged. "On me anyway." 

The guy laughed. "I won't call security," I sighed in relief, "now why don't you turn around so we can introduce each other, and also its rude to talk to someone with your back turned." 

I sighed and slowly turned around to face the guy, hesitantly looking up from the floor, I stopped breathing at the sight of him. 'Oh god . . .' 

Dean Ambrose . . .

Hannah_WWE Hannah_WWE Nov 26, 2016
OMG, I definitely ship them already. They just seem soo cute. I hope that they talk further.