By The Tip Of A Fang (ON HOLD)

By The Tip Of A Fang (ON HOLD)

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Shay Lynn By VampireGirl1801 Updated Jan 27, 2016

I close my eyes tightly as I feel his cool breath on my neck. My breathing becomes faster as well as my heartbeat. A deep chuckle comes from him.

"No need to be afraid of me, Annaliese. All I want is one little bite." He whispers into my ear.

A shiver goes down my spine. "Wh-why?" I stutter, knowing how close he is to me.

"Because, your at the tip of my fang." He says and I feel his sharp teeth against my neck.


Annaliese Morgan didn't believe in any of the spooky stories told around a campfire or on Halloween nights. She viewed the world just as it was, not by the 'what ifs...'

That was until she arrived at Denson University College. Stories became more real than she thought they were.

Vincent Drekor was a man of many titles. Murder, killer, proper, uptight, vampire. All of which are true qualities of this 381 year old.

He didn't care about humans but the fact that they were food and entertainment. He the thought of settling down never appealed to him. Until her.

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