One Thousand Paper Cranes (BoyxBoy)

One Thousand Paper Cranes (BoyxBoy)

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Bur N. Salyer, Elli Carder, and Cj Waldroff By danjiy Completed

"When you get to a thousand" I whispered to him, bending over and folding the paper. "You get to make a wish."
Samuel Jones is the only openly gay teen at Doverhall school for boys. But that doesn't matter to him. He's focused on school and trying to win back his mother's trust, boys are the least of his worries. That all changes when the new kid Eliam Dale stumbles into Sam's somewhat okay life. 

Anxiety and fear of rejection riddle his mind and the only solace he gets is when he makes his paper cranes. When you get to one thousand you get to make a wish. But what will he wish for?

//this book is under revision at the moment. I'm planning on publishing the edited version when I've finished it. Keep this in mind while reading.//

Well___sh1t Well___sh1t Jul 10
*bursts out of the door* Hello sir, im late
                              *4 months later* here is your test Mr.Papi
                              *looks at my test* 100% ez
                              *looks at mr.teacher* BITVH WAT DA FLUCK ARE U TALKING 'BOUT
Existential_Fear Existential_Fear 2 days ago
You summed up my feelings whenever someone asks me that question
Well___sh1t Well___sh1t Jul 10
                               (._.  )
                                🍌 <)     at least i have my dildo
no that nearly turned me straight like i was tHiS close 
officialfuryevans officialfuryevans 2 days ago
me when my straight crush finally comes out from his closet
                              which will never happen