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Nicole René By iheartbrownies Updated Sep 06, 2016

He came into my life like a thunderstorm.





Like a flash of lighting, he lit me up in ways I never could have imagined. His kiss seared me, his touch made me shiver, but his eyes...they terrified me.

I never wanted this...wanted him.

But I didn't have a choice, because he wanted me.

"That's all that matters," he whispered, all those nights ago.

He didn't give me a choice. 

I didn't want this; I didn't want him....right?

  • arrangedmarriage
  • bdsm
  • captured
  • darkromance
  • dominance
  • forced
  • forcedsubmission
  • kidnapped
  • killer
  • mob
  • possessive
  • spanking
  • submission
LIlSunnyJim LIlSunnyJim Jul 27, 2017
..I am so dirty minded that when I read the word 'condones', I thought it said condoms.... 😂
aizahum aizahum Mar 16, 2016
Wen vl u update this story....plz update soon....😢
                              m so excited for This one....m sure that vl be as great as HTWF.....😊
MlissaLub MlissaLub Dec 06, 2015
I know that what's going to happen to the heroine is probably going to be terrible but I still like this type of book. In real life it will make me throw up and I really don't find it sexy but in books yeah ! If there is still some kind of love, even twisted, and not only cruelty I'm on !!
snowshyeth snowshyeth Dec 03, 2015
i just love you and your are an amazing writer..
meckymeck meckymeck Oct 30, 2015
So basically just commented about 3 of your stories. Well 2 to be exact n 1 soon to be.
meckymeck meckymeck Oct 30, 2015
Awesome for this new book of yours. Sad that I know that soon How the Warrior Fell will end but freaking raging with happy bliss for Tynamoree's story.