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Bite Me

Bite Me

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MAD By MADcreations Completed

Living with a hot boy is fine.

Living with five hot boys is hard.

Living with five hot brothers is tough.

Being captured by five hot vampire brothers takes the cake.

Nora Holt is 24, just got out of college, and is in need of a car. She's the type of girl who doesn't take shit, and speaks her mind. If you mess with her, you're most likely going to end up somewhere in Mexico or being chased by hungry wolves. So when she's walking home at 1:30 am down an allyway, this can only lead to trouble.

Lots of trouble.

The next thing she knows, she's thrown into a world of a singing vampire, a crazy ex-boyfriend (who now she realizes is a vampire and is trying to kill her), and a house full of five hot vampires. How the hell does a girl handle a situation like this?

She bites her way through it, of course.

**Do not read if you cannot stand grammar errors and pretty much crappy writing. I need to edit this book drastically.**

fly749 fly749 3 days ago
This is one of my favorite books. I've read it many times. I don't like vampire or werewolf books but this one I like😂❤
cthalia79 cthalia79 Apr 01
She's wearing heels. Last time I checked running in heels is hard. I almost busted my aśś trying to run in my mom's heels.
Dude I'm in sixth and my writing sucks major Asian balls, yours is so great I can't second time reading :)
JennaSRaven JennaSRaven Apr 09
My mom gives me nothing because I never see her and my grandparents well...our oldest sibling had it all and then their youngest granddaughter had it all, so my twin and I always tell them were just the spare tyres to you, aren't we? Lol.
Now I'm picturing them snapping and then she's like raising a eyebrow like what the freak
Woah if you wrote that in 6th grade that's damn good 👍🏻