Bound To You

Bound To You

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Mushrooms: They're soft, silky, white and super evil.  

Walmart: It's a place you go grocery shopping. You don't necessarily like it, but it gets the job done.  

Enter me: An outgoing, bubbly girl with flowing locks of golden hair and eyes as deep as the ocean bl-  Ha! Just kidding.  But seriously. How did a girl like me: Green dull eyes, boring brown hair and a piercing on her eyebrow get kidnapped?  Yes, you heard right. Kidnapped.  As in stolen. From a small town. During Winter. In Walmart.  WALMART.  It's a little insulting if you ask me.  
Welcome to the world of Humor lovely! My description may not be good, but if you give the story a chance I'm sure you'll love it :)

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Can I just say that i freaking love how her personality is so clear from the first chapter. I meam we havent even gotten into the actual story and i love her. Shes someone id take adventuring
TazzyR01 TazzyR01 Nov 13
Wtf did I just read. . . Can't say I'm not entertained though
OhMyNachos OhMyNachos Jun 21
Damn she's answering all our questions before we can comment them 😂
This is sad how much this is my best friend- minus the cussing, but this is an exact replica of her, it might make me cry (we aren't close anymore) welp, won't let that ruin a good book. I enjoy this book way too much
StrawberryDonut08 StrawberryDonut08 Nov 28, 2016
Her thoughts are going just as quickly as mine when I'm bored
I haven't even read the first chapter and I'm already in love with this book! She reminds me of well, me!!