Bound To You

Bound To You

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SabriinaTkcChaddoud By SabriinaTkcChaddoud Completed

Mushrooms: They're soft, silky, white and super evil.  

Walmart: It's a place you go grocery shopping. You don't necessarily like it, but it gets the job done.  

Enter me: An outgoing, bubbly girl with flowing locks of golden hair and eyes as deep as the ocean bl-  Ha! Just kidding.  But seriously. How did a girl like me: Green dull eyes, boring brown hair and a piercing on her eyebrow get kidnapped?  Yes, you heard right. Kidnapped.  As in stolen. From a small town. During Winter. In Walmart.  WALMART.  It's a little insulting if you ask me.  
Welcome to the world of Humor lovely! My description may not be good, but if you give the story a chance I'm sure you'll love it :)

R_Jizzle R_Jizzle Jun 04
When you just now realize what kind of book this is......  *face palm*
I feel she is being sarcastic about this but I do love love winter.
jairafolx jairafolx Jul 06
Anyone else realised that after Everytime she said Greek god she adds another word in front of it
Nikkireadw Nikkireadw Sep 29
Are you high on mushrooms when you're writing this?  I absolutely love it! :D
livy4601 livy4601 Jun 08
I think she's been eating the mushrooms if ya know what I mean....
Her thoughts are going just as quickly as mine when I'm bored