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It Started With the Drop of a Wand (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

It Started With the Drop of a Wand (A Fred Weasley Love Story)

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chuck my bass By mindxmatter Completed

Allyson Bexley has like Fred Weasley since her first year in Hogwarts. It's now been one year after The Battle of Hogwarts and with all her family gone and no friends, what will she do? She meets Fred Weasley and will he fall for her as she has for him? Read this story, to enter a world of love, happiness, and chicken fingers. Lots of chicken fingers.

oonahh oonahh Sep 28, 2016
                              WE CAN STAY YOUNG FOREVER!"
                              Oh my gods I love FOB so dam much rn
oonahh oonahh Sep 28, 2016
Am I a person?
                              Are my fandoms real?
                              STUPID PERSON: No--
                              Me: YES. YES THEY ARE. SO YES ALLYSON THIS IS HAPPENING.
BenAnJerry BenAnJerry Mar 05, 2016
Oh, I kind of get it. Fred lived because her family died for him? Or something. Like trade for trade.
teenage_book_lover teenage_book_lover Jul 20, 2016
Hey, that's how I made friend with one of my best friends! She asked if she could pair with me in I.T because she was a loner in that class (her words not mine) and I said that I was too and that it was okay because we could be loners together!
oonahh oonahh Sep 28, 2016
I asked myself this once then I answered myself...
                              "BECAUSE I AM A FANGIRL."
oonahh oonahh Sep 28, 2016
This is literally Erica and I
                              HEY ERICA IF UR OUT THERE THEN WASSUP BRO FAGGOT