Just An Act

Just An Act

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Pearl Mae By Devilsmom Completed

#DarmetirSeries BOOK II
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"Smartass." I comment.
"Uptight bitch." He snaps.
"Get a new one, asshole. It's getting old." I sneer back.
"How about-"

"Stop! The both of you. Jesus, people will never think that you're dating, if you keep that up." I roll my eyes at Heidi. 
Maybe I shouldn't have accepted the deal. It's a lot harder than expected. 

Anyways, my name is Gabriella Duncan and this is my life right now. It's not that bad, I know. If there wasn't this specific football player, who, for the public eye, is my boyfriend. And well, as you may noticed, we're not too fond of each other. Ugh, just bear with me for a while...

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Daaaaaaamnnnnnnn god took his time creating him 馃い馃い馃槏馃槏馃槏馃い馃い馃槝馃槝
QueenSarcasm435 QueenSarcasm435 Nov 26, 2016
Dancing is a sport u move your body a lot and into those hard cool awesome  flip moves
OttoTune OttoTune Jul 12, 2016
It is a sport.. haha.. i WAS a dancer.. i miss dancing actually.