The Belladonna

The Belladonna

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Klutz By AnimeDreamer44 Updated Jul 10, 2016



The world knows the name, and they fear it. They see the sails and they shudder. They see the Captain and the Lady, and they freeze. 

Captain Styles and Lady Bella are back. 

The Belladonna's name is known all throughout the world, making every port city wary of when those sails would come to it's docks. They are very well known, very feared, but above all...very happy.

The adventure continues as new challenges arise against the couple, who will have everything they know be tested. Everything is on the line for their adventures, for their happiness, and for their survival. Will they be able to make it through like they did before, or will their adventure end whenever fate tests their ability to hold on to their love?

The ocean is, after all, a very treacherous place.

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How old are they at this point? Like in their late twenties im guessing?
hamburgersandchips hamburgersandchips Jul 08, 2016
I'm saying this right now because it's the truth.....your books deserve way more reads than they are receiving
Mermaid_Lover1102 Mermaid_Lover1102 Nov 21, 2015
                              I'm so excited I read This book all night and all today! 
                              And it's in the morning but I don't care! 
                              I'm so excited to read this! 
                              Thank you for making a sequel btw I was sad when I read the end but this just made it better
MichVelasco1 MichVelasco1 Nov 14, 2015
I had not realized how long I've been waiting for this sequel until it came out! <3 Thank you so much!!!
emeraldevans emeraldevans Nov 13, 2015
Love it also I want to know what harry will tell her and I love you for this amazing story @animedreamer44
-esthetic -esthetic Nov 13, 2015
It just seems weird that after 4 years she hasn't let him touch her. The chapter's still great though❤