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Anything, but cliché | ziam

Anything, but cliché | ziam

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_sincerelyJess_ By _sincerelyJess_ Completed

"You don't like cliché? Everyone does."
"That's the thing, innit, Liam? People like cliché, dreamy, non-existent stuff. I like realistic stuff."

   Zayn Malik. 18, Year 13 student.  He's your typical good boy. 
   Good grades. Perfect attendance. Loving family.
   Just an average life.
   But he was not a cliché 'nerd' as it were. Sometimes.
   He had a shy and reserved personality and never spoke much.  
 Liam Payne. Soon-to-be 18. The new Year 13 student in Woodside High.
 Extremely handsome, confident and cheerful. Another good boy.
 Just the person everyone wants to be or be with. 
 But he was not a cliché 'popular' either.
What happens when views clash and a certain, shy boy in Liam's peer group always is the centre of his attention? 
Will there be a cliché ending for these not-so-cliché  worlds?
  ziam high school au.
   © _sincerelyJess_ All Rights Reserved.

Oh AND I already graduated AND I literally like LITERALLY have/had no friends
MrMins MrMins Sep 03, 2016
No, it's not. It's pretty good normal and there's no problem with that
KattyLuv17 KattyLuv17 Jul 31, 2016
I thought they would pour water on him like in that episode of Hannah Montana
MaybeZiallxx MaybeZiallxx Nov 03, 2016
To be honest. When school started, I went for two weeks. And I thought I wasn't going to miss a day. But then I skipped classes!
blxndxmxments blxndxmxments Nov 29, 2015
Also I'm excited about the book, I'm always a sucker for ziam
blxndxmxments blxndxmxments Nov 29, 2015
Ik this probably sounds dumb , but is archetypal and stereotypical the same thing? Because i always used stereotypical for anything typical (if that makes sense)