Beating On Purpose

Beating On Purpose

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Chloé By BnChlo Updated Aug 30, 2016


I slowly took his shirt off as I was seated in between his legs facing him. A small gasp escaped my lips as I stare at his chest and stomach. I lift my hand to touch one of the healed ones but I was stopped by his tight grip on my wrist making me wince a little. 

"Don't." I stare at his green eyes that were filled with hurt and sadness. "I'm sorry." He said in a whisper, pain clear in his voice. I look down, biting my lip hard as I try and blink the tears away.

"I'm sorry I didn't get help," he said like he was reading my mind, "because... because I didn't want to seem weaker than I already am." 

He placed his hands on my cheeks making me look at him.

"Especially when I do tell people they criticize me a-and they ask why. Why I've got a disorder that girls get."

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-Morosis- -Morosis- Nov 13, 2017
Well damn, I see from the past comments the dates of them show this books been up for a while.
JanetForever JanetForever Apr 06, 2017
Omg I'm so happy you're going to start this book again.I loved the parts I got to read and was so sad when it was gone.
-Morosis- -Morosis- Nov 13, 2017
Anyways this book sounds pretty interesting and I'd like to read it
EmersonRoses EmersonRoses Sep 12, 2017
Wish you would write this book. I would definitely read it! Sounds sooooo good!
Well I am looking at the dates on other comments and this is probably pointless but... I really like your writing style and how you pull in readers. I hope you decide to come back and write more of this story!
touba2087 touba2087 Jun 19, 2016
Can't until you start writing this seems like a really good story!😊😊😊