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Be my saviour {Jacob Black} And I will be your downfall

Be my saviour {Jacob Black} And I will be your downfall

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Lilly By behindthelense Completed

Another, the last, from Quizilla.

I do not own Twilight or the people from it...I just play with them

Nyx: Name means 'of the night' has had a very ugly past. Raped by her step father from 10 till 15 and became a cutter. Her mother was killed by him and she has been on the run for a while. Recently came upon the information that she has an uncle in La Push and that's where she is headed. She is almost 18 and still hasn't recovered from the past trauma she endured. Doesn't really enjoy being around men, sets her in a panic.

And this is where we begin...

The rain hadn't died down even a little bit. My eyes were heavy from all the driving I had done in the last few days. My phone was turned off beside me; I shut it off after receiving another text from someone I didn't want to talk to. My -I don't even know if you could say ex- but, ex was still trying to get a hold of me. He wanted more than I was willing to give. After what I dealt with for five years straight, sex was...

lynnrulz34 lynnrulz34 Nov 14, 2011
:) I'm glad he cares so much. I know what its like to feel like you can't trust someone but it'll work out :DDDDDDD
lynnrulz34 lynnrulz34 Nov 14, 2011
I really like this one :) PLease keep writing or I might have to find you and let you tell me the rest of the story :D PLEASE KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OR I MIGHT DIE!
MichellePayne-Mena MichellePayne-Mena Sep 04, 2011
Hello sweetie...I hope all is well... I'm about to read ur new addition to wattpad..., I haven't been on lately due to work and kiddos... Ill comment on every chapter... keep writing... ur faithful fan....
behindthelense behindthelense Aug 31, 2011
@jencullen28 @BabyGirl245 @MusicIsLife6 
                              I'm glad you guys like it! This one was actually pretty popular on Quizilla. Interested to see how it does over here :D
MusicIsLife6 MusicIsLife6 Aug 31, 2011
You really have a talent for story telling please upload soon :)
Itslexiemarie Itslexiemarie Aug 31, 2011
Upload some more please I already love it!!!! Can't wait to see what happens!