MikaYuu [lemon]

MikaYuu [lemon]

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Manda R. By AFriendlyGirl01 Updated Feb 14

What if vampires didn't exist and Yuu and Mika were boyfriends? In this story it is like that. I know you all came for the sex so I literally will just give it to you. One-shots simply, read for mikayuu XD

You have to read it to know more, I ain't telling you too much Nah-Uh!

Warning: Yaoi, Lemon, Smut, BoyXBoy

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Seventeen_Panda Seventeen_Panda Mar 17, 2017
I like how shinoa thinks make mika jealous so he take yuu home and fucks him repetitively
JeydonWaleTrash JeydonWaleTrash Nov 26, 2017
Me when I get friend,
                              What am I talking about I don’t have any😂
XxFanGirl_ShipperxX XxFanGirl_ShipperxX Dec 17, 2017
If it was not legal the they would eather have to lock yuu up or disfigure him
pavo99 pavo99 Jan 10
This was actually great you just have to be careful with grammar and spelling mistakes:):)
-jaekarma -jaekarma Jul 30, 2016
Nah if this was Levi he would've been cleaning during the party.. 😂😂😭
-jaekarma -jaekarma Jul 30, 2016
Never knew I could relate to Shinoa so much before in my life...