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Tijan By TijansBooks Updated Oct 29, 2015

My stomach plunged to my feet. 

Three steps earlier, I was already tasting the daiquiris I'd be drinking that night and the song "Copacabana" was on repeat, blasting in my mind. I was leaving my last exam of my sophomore year at Hillcrest University, and we were celebrating that night. The whole gang-myself, my roommate, and Wanker, the guy who loved my roommate, but she was too daft to realize it.  

But once I left that classroom, I froze. 

I took those three steps from the door, just clearing it, when it shut behind me. My butt got a swift whack, not that I was feeling it. All of that registered in the back of my mind. I was too transfixed across the hallway where the student lounge was located. That was the con of having classrooms attached to the social hub of the campus. The person I was staring at, smack dab in the center of the news report, was me. 

Not me, me, but me nonetheless. 

It was the old me, when I was Jordan Emory, and that girl looked different from how I was now...