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Forgotten Vows | h.p.

Forgotten Vows | h.p.

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kennedy By cityofpapers Completed


Hermione and Draco wake up together in bed one morning with Headaches, no clothing, and horror when they see each other. But it seems there so much more to it than inebriation... four years' worth of wedded bliss, in fact.

So the real book is in Fanfiction. I decided to put it in wattpad since it isn't here. The user in FanFiction is @twin-v i thank her for making this dramione fan-fic i really love it and if she does have wattpad I LOVE YOU! And i just wanted to share her story with you guys.

Enjoy. And i thank whoever made this if you have a wattpad account. All claims to you!
This book was done back in 2009 so its a bit old but its really a great book.

i legit forgot the synopsis and so I didn't know and omg that was the biggest surprise of my lIFE i was so shook
Sassmin Sassmin 5 days ago
I am. I barely got any sleep last night because my stomach hurt a lot and I was puking barely anything, but still puking every 10 minutes
I feel it's Ron or George.George seems dumb enough to do it.probably a Weasley wizard wheeze or something of the sort
Someone must have obliviated her 😕 well DRAMIONE IS MARRIED PEOPLE SO FCKING DEAL WITH IT!😂💕
I read this book originally on Fanfiction... I have to ask. Did you ask permission before posting on here? I've been having trouble with people posting my stories on other sites without asking and I just want to make sure this isn't what's happening here
First, I thought just the same as every book: drunk-sex-sorry. But then I thought: IT'S A LOVE POTION. Now I think: Where the hell is this going?