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Photograph (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

Photograph (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

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harrypotter_31 By harrypotter_31 Updated Feb 07

Time. One word with such depth behind it. It's infinite, irreversible, indefinite. But is it really what we know it as?

It's a funny thing, time. It plays you in ways you'd never imagine. 

As a child, I always loved to stargaze; I was fascinated by how the stars we may be currently looking at, in fact, existed centuries back in time. There it is again. The word. Time.

My name is Anna, and I lost my parents at the mere age of one. They didn't die...

They left.

And somehow that hurt even more. Did I not deserve to be loved? Sometimes, I desperately wish I could go back in time, and see how and why they left. I don't know much about them, not even their names! I wish I did.

Alas, time stops for no one. Life went on, and I grew older. But over the years, I learned one thing:

Though time won't stop for us, we can stop for time. Taking a photo imprints that memory forever, and in that one moment, we cross that last hurdle, that last barrier between us and the finish line.

We freeze time. In a photograph.

Fact File:

Special Attributes: Soul Searcher, 1/4 Veela, Metamagus (cross between Metamorphagus and Animagus - has the ability to morph into any animal and can change how they look)
Hair: long, black, wavy
Eyes: blue like her mother
Parents: both pureblood, mother is half veela and a Metamorphagus and an Animagus, father is an Animagus, both are Gryffindor Marauders, and opposed to Voldemort
Personality: kind, can be smartass, protective of those she cares about, very  loyal and honest
Crush: to be revealed

DISCLAIMER: All credits go to J.K. Rowling. I claim only the characters that I have created and the plot. Any similarities are simply coincidental. This book is appropriate for all ages.

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