Full Of Life (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

Full Of Life (A Harry Potter FanFiction)

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(Harry Potter Love Story)
Anna Connor is the adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs Connor. This small family lives on Number 6 Privet Drive. Anna's best friend is the one and only Harry Potter - 'the boy who lived' - and he just happens to be her neighbour! Anna's foster parents are nice enough... but there's something missing in her life; the love of REAL parents. Soon Anna finds out that she is indeed a Soul Searcher, and is hence famous in all of the Wizarding World. She is in fact not known as 'the girl who lived' as one may think, but as 'the girl who gives life'.

Fact File:

Special Attributes: Soul Searcher, 1/4 Veela, Metamagus (cross between Metamorphagus and Animagus - has the ability to morph into any animal and can change how they look)
Hair: long, black, wavy
Eyes: blue like her mother
Parents: both pureblood, mother is half veela and a Metamorphagus and an Animagus, father is an Animagus, both are Gryffindor Marauders, and opposed to Voldemort
Personality: kind, can be smartass, protective of those she cares about, very loving, loyal and honest
Crush: definitely NOT Harry Potter!!

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