Modern!LevixReader | Alice in Wonderland

Modern!LevixReader | Alice in Wonderland

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Disclaimer! I do not own Attack on Titan, or Alice in Wonderland. I am not associated with the creators. This is my own writing that uses Attack on Titan and Alice in Wonderland references. 
[references subject to change or increase]

Note: reader will be referred to as "Alice" by the WRITER as if that were the reader's name. 

You remember the day you fell down the rabbit hole, and you remember the day you left Wonderland. High school was terrible, until you met Levi. 

But now, you've completed your second year of college, and long to find the white rabbit again. Alice had a happy ending, right? you ask yourself often. After your sophomore year of college was officially over, you stayed in town. You stayed and found your inner Alice, and then the white rabbit who led you to Wonderland. (The black rabbit would be a better name for the boy, really).

[I'm stringing ideas together so be patient with me as updates will not stop but will come at varying times with varying amounts]