Just One Night

Just One Night

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Three girls, one made of ashes and shadows, the other made of innocence and life and the third constituted by silence and stillness. 

Three stories, one of blackness, the other of demons begging to be heard, the third written in whispers. 

One collision. 

In just one night. 

(Extended, original summary inside.)

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anonymously_anon anonymously_anon May 09, 2017
'morning sunshine'
                              What Damon said to Elena after she tried to sneak out on him.😂
louise172 louise172 Apr 12
I can tell from the first chapter that you're a good writer. I don't want to bore you with English technicalities as to why I say this, but yes, you are a good writer.
imperfectionistss imperfectionistss Aug 04, 2017
*cries* i cant escape school, it haunts me with its vocabulary everywhere I go
sagarika_c sagarika_c Jun 26, 2017
I haven't read a book past the first ten chapters in a long time, I feel like that is going to change.
TheQueenOfTheNight TheQueenOfTheNight Apr 22, 2017
But an hour? Seriously? What the hell took you so long? 😂😂😂
_regalsoul_ _regalsoul_ Dec 11, 2017
I've been searching for a good book to read for months and I found it!