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How To Train The Heart Of A Dragon [Hiccup x Reader x Toothless]

How To Train The Heart Of A Dragon [Hiccup x Reader x Toothless]

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x_Maddy_Massacre_x By x_Maddy_Massacre_x Updated Apr 30, 2013

[How To Train Your Dragon | Hiccup x Reader x Toothless / Human! Toothless] According to your parents you disgraced the family name and humiliated them. They dumped you on Berk Island and a certain dragon finds you lost in the woods. You become fast friends with the duo of Hiccup and Toothless. It's clear that you and Hiccup have a crush on eachother, but what about Toothless? The poor dragon has developed feelings for you that he doesn't quite understand. Feelings that he has never felt before. Maybe if he became human he could figure it out. But he's a dragon, that's impossible, right? Will Toothless find a way to become human? Will you fall for him or for Hiccup? What does everyone else think? What about Astrid? Or will your parents come and drag you back home?

No offense of racism but I hope when toothless become a human he is black ☺
KawaiiPinkPoptartCat KawaiiPinkPoptartCat Sep 23, 2016
Who am I? WhO aM I!?! WHO AM I?!?
                              I AM THE BITCH OF THE LAND
ShayTheSpringtrap ShayTheSpringtrap Oct 07, 2016
Cool I love this and I just thought of the song If Only by Dove Cameron who plays Mal from Decendents!!!!! ^_^
Shubble254 Shubble254 Feb 16, 2016
How in the world did I know his name so fast or can I read minds or something like that cause he never told me his name until now
Greatly_Weird Greatly_Weird Jun 27, 2016
Well of course you don't own it! I always put this in my stories too, but seriously people?! If I owned it the movie would be waaaayy different. Btw I like how this is going so far. :)
Sulva_Olivo Sulva_Olivo Aug 09, 2016
I usually don't go for love triangles but this one is good!!