The Witch In Disguise (Diabolik Lover Fanfic)

The Witch In Disguise (Diabolik Lover Fanfic)

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MsWritten By MsWritten Updated Nov 05

Have you heard? 

About what? 

Someone is coming? 

Who is coming?





Shhhh... keep your voice down or someone will hear you..

Okay.. But are sure she really  is coming?? 

Yes.. She is coming In disguise..

In disguise  as what?? 

I don't know.. 

But kept this a secret if you don't she'll punish you.. 

For the  devilish  witch has come to town on her marvelous disguise... 


isnt that the girl from Another? you should probably give credits to the character owner as well, just saying.
Ok, I don't get this is just a really long hi or is she saying hi a bunch of time idk
AlexLin0 AlexLin0 Nov 25
Omg. Wait till she realises Ayato shares the same 'name' as her!
tinalin246 tinalin246 Jul 11
How can you survive that I can't even Survive by pouring seconds
is she saying 'hi' or did she mean 'he' like in, hehehehehehe