You and I (BoyxBoy)

You and I (BoyxBoy)

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Orion Stewards is a troubled kid, his parents are always at each other's throats, everyone avoids him in school for no apparent reason, and his "friend" is less then a friend more then half the time, if not the whole time. Though he doesn't care, he's just happy someone talks to him. He didn't think anyone else would be his friend, due to the fact that everyone avoids him, but then he meets the strange boy Gabriel.

Gabriel is, as some would put it, an outcast himself. Though he is in all aspects, a normal kid. His everlasting joy makes no sense to Orion, but he likes it. As he gets to know Gabriel more and more, secrets are spilled and Orion begins to find things out about himself that he did not want to know, let alone have the entire school know. 

Orion begins to loose sight of what's real, what's a lie, and what can't possibly be true. He begins to loose himself, and his only comfort through it all is Gabriel, the only person who is standing by him completely.
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izzymidnight5665 izzymidnight5665 May 19, 2017
It's sad how real this is. Mostly because I was in a similar situation but this conveys how I feel about yelling in one paragraph.
_Queen_Creeper_ _Queen_Creeper_ Nov 28, 2017
 #TayGetsTheGay is possibly one of the best hashtags I’ve seen and I don’t even know who Tay is