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You Are My Bad Girl [ JJK ]

You Are My Bad Girl [ JJK ]

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Mint Krysler By mint_swag Updated 3 days ago

❝ Long time no see ❞

❝ We've changed a lot, but some things are the same as before ❞

❝ Still a badass ❞

❝ From 0 to 100 in years ❞

❝ They say bad girls are meant for the bad boys ❞

❝ So why not try and make it happen? ❞

jeon_agatha jeon_agatha Oct 31, 2016
I'm imagining that Jungkook wearing spectacles... It's cute 😊😊😊
jeon_agatha jeon_agatha Oct 31, 2016
I'm still confuse about his real name 😐 Jeongguk is his name and their (koreans) pronunciation of 'g' is just... AAAHH!!! I CAN'T UNDERSTAND! I'M NOT KOREAN AT ALL~ T-T
kimerinchii17 kimerinchii17 Dec 07, 2016
y u wearing fake spectacle?
                              I hate it when I need to wear glasses so I chose to wear contacts cause its more convenient ehehehe
NinjaGameIt NinjaGameIt Aug 27, 2016
😅being stuck with Japanese vocab from anime fabrics and such. Just got into k-pop so I'm a bit lost.