Skript! #wattys2017

Skript! #wattys2017

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♕Queen Saj ♕ By sajmra Updated Jan 05

Sometimes it isn't possible to include every single idea I have in my books. Sometimes I have to cut out hilarious or awesome scenes because they don't really fit, or they are too slow for the pace of the book. So, Skript will include random moments from ALL of my characters! It could be before or after or during when the book is taking place. Sometimes it could be a re imagining of a scene I have already written! They are just for fun, and will contain only that specific scene, and not a complete story line. Much like Ask SAJMRA, I will take submissions for Skript ideas! 

I'm excited for this :)

Stay awesome <3

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incredible_muslimah incredible_muslimah Jun 09, 2017
Hilarious.. M laughing so hard... Emma is sooo  funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
TeenTraveler17 TeenTraveler17 Jul 13, 2016
*Pfft* she definitely didn't expect a witty comeback just like they didn't see her-"I got your autograph!" plan.
                               I GOT TO  REMEMBER THAT ONE👌
afifaamrin2347 afifaamrin2347 Jul 21, 2016
Lol!!!! She's crazy like hell! And sweet at the same time! Love her! 😂😂
iimanmaeen iimanmaeen Jul 25, 2016
She's awesomeeeee and CRAZY but being crazy is great 😂😂😍
sugarycupcakes sugarycupcakes Aug 15, 2016
OMG that is the funniest thing ever. I love Emma she makes everyones life lively. I bit like me ive got to admit lool😂
imabeezz6 imabeezz6 Nov 23, 2016
Omg sajmra I cnt believe u gt dz luvly book I read ur touched heart n qadr serious 4 four good months n I cnt blieve I ddnt cm across dz it s hilarious n am laughing out lounder n 4 Emma lyk