Our Arranged Story

Our Arranged Story

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Aanchal Khurana, 23, living in Boston. When Aanchal is bound to go to Chicago along with her parents for her cousin for what was supposed to be a "visit," little did she know  she was really only there for her own wedding. When Aanchal finds out her marriage is finalized with one of the Mehra brothers, her world is to be crashing down. One of them loves her, while she loves the other.

Samar Mehra. 25, America Born, America Raised. Tall, tough, muscular. He only lives by one rule in life. Do Or Die. He's the type of guy who never gives any girl a second glance, except, Omeesha of course. He never looks forward to getting married and at least not to Aanchal, the girl he sworn to hate. 
Naman Mehra. 24, the guy which every girl dreams for. He lives every moment of life to its fullest, no regrets. When he sees his best friend after 12 years, he thought he was over his feelings for what he had 12 years ago. He never expected for all those feelings to come return, especially not when the girl he's loved is promised to his brother. 

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keerthanamalar keerthanamalar Oct 27, 2017
I imagine them to be: 
                              Aanchal-Shraddha Kapoor
                              Sanjana-Sonam Kapoor
                              Samar-Sidharth Malhotra
                              Naman-Varun Dhawan
                              Saurabh-Arjun Kapoor
muskifar muskifar Aug 23, 2016
Hey, I'm really interested in this book, my cousin @malaika-xoD told me ur a really good author so here I am...I'm quite new to all this but I will surely vote and in some chapters comment 
                              Hey thanks love u 😘😘
Keren10369 Keren10369 Jun 28, 2016
wow Im really excited to read ur 4th book after never let me go, MBFC, MBFC 2
itsdisneychanyeol itsdisneychanyeol Dec 13, 2015
Ive had the weirdest substitute teachers. My English substitute teacher once said. "I mean it from the heart of my bottom." Like, awks.
MrsVDhawan MrsVDhawan Nov 01, 2015
Awesome chapter, I liked Naman's entry and Samar and Aanchal met! ♡_♡
MrsVDhawan MrsVDhawan Nov 01, 2015
In all honesty, this idea does sound better, in fact it's made me more excited to know what happens :D