Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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Gillybean By GillianDemofonte Updated Jun 26, 2017

This is a Supernatural Imagine book.

I know... I know... I already have two books that I haven't been updating much lately... but sometimes I have some pretty cool fantasies about these guys, and frankly I want to write those down. 

So here we go! 

There will be ones about Lucifer, some about Gabriel, and maybe a couple about Cas, Sam, Dean, Jensen, and maybe even Jared... I don't know... It's whatever I think up. 

REMEMBER: I probably won't update this one that much. It's whenever I can. And it's just to keep me on my toes while I'm not writing... so...



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H_E_N_S_O_N H_E_N_S_O_N Mar 18
Ummm i didn't sleep the whole time i was doing exams i got like 5 hours through then at the least so i aint gonna sleep for ypur torture
pastelb1ack pastelb1ack Mar 28
Either it's stockholm syndrome or we have a serious demon kink and I still don't know which one I'd prefer
Satans_Daughter667 Satans_Daughter667 Aug 09, 2017
                              Why do people always say it's so obvious I'm your daughter? I wonder why...
actually-satan actually-satan Mar 20, 2017
Depends on the resteraunt..... if its o'charleys than yes bc i know everyone that works there!
wingkinkaf wingkinkaf Feb 25
I have a phase called love that is directed towards you, Satan.
sexybastianstan sexybastianstan Dec 03, 2017
its called love meaning an intense feeling of deep affection