Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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Gillybean By GillianDemofonte Updated Nov 23, 2016

This is a Supernatural Imagine book.

I know... I know... I already have two books that I haven't been updating much lately... but sometimes I have some pretty cool fantasies about these guys, and frankly I want to write those down. 

So here we go! 

There will be ones about Lucifer, some about Gabriel, and maybe a couple about Cas, Sam, Dean, Jensen, and maybe even Jared... I don't know... It's whatever I think up. 

REMEMBER: I probably won't update this one that much. It's whenever I can. And it's just to keep me on my toes while I'm not writing... so...



Name: Avery Donovan
                              Dean x Avery
                              Smut: a lot
                              Hair colour: black
                              Eye colour: blue
                              Personality: sassy, sarcastic and funny
                              Plot dean gets pulled over by a cop(Avery) Avery is being professional but then dean starts flirting. Ends up making out in the impala. Then dean brings her home.
Kiblue01 Kiblue01 May 13, 2016
I said this in a dramatic version of my english accent and it sounded hilarious 😂
-frenchiest-fry -frenchiest-fry May 24, 2016
Readers POV
                              Character - Gabriel 
                              Situation - a sick day
                              Smut- idk you can choose
Savage_4life Savage_4life Jun 21, 2016
                              Sam Winchester 
                              Plot- Dean died and Sam and I get married and have a daughter together and have a dog basically we live a normal life but a couple months later Dean comes and finds us and he meets his niece.
loki_dont_do_it2 loki_dont_do_it2 Jun 06, 2016
stargazingphan stargazingphan Jul 01, 2016
Name: London
                              Character: Gabriel
                              Situation: Sam and Dean are on a case and she is stuck at at the motel and Gabriel finds her alone on Tumblr and it's just fluffy and cute and they hang out until Sam and Dean get back and they yell at Gabe.