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Supernatural Imagines

Supernatural Imagines

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Gillybean By GillianDemofonte Updated Jun 13

This is a Supernatural Imagine book.

I know... I know... I already have two books that I haven't been updating much lately... but sometimes I have some pretty cool fantasies about these guys, and frankly I want to write those down. 

So here we go! 

There will be ones about Lucifer, some about Gabriel, and maybe a couple about Cas, Sam, Dean, Jensen, and maybe even Jared... I don't know... It's whatever I think up. 

REMEMBER: I probably won't update this one that much. It's whenever I can. And it's just to keep me on my toes while I'm not writing... so...



Depends on the resteraunt..... if its o'charleys than yes bc i know everyone that works there!
I said this is a really high pitched voice while imagining gabriel slinging his hips and flapping his hands like a gay person (nothing against gays)
Well then.... not two fake teens.... just two adults making out..... okay cool
Name: Emily Sanchez
                              Character: Dean x Emily
                              Situation: Emily has self doubt and Dean helps her get through it
                              Smut: No, just fluff
                              It's always weird making a request, because you don't know if the author is still taking requests or not. So I apologize if you aren't taking requests right now
Name: Avery Donovan
                              Dean x Avery
                              Smut: a lot
                              Hair colour: black
                              Eye colour: blue
                              Personality: sassy, sarcastic and funny
                              Plot dean gets pulled over by a cop(Avery) Avery is being professional but then dean starts flirting. Ends up making out in the impala. Then dean brings her home.
Kiblue01 Kiblue01 May 13, 2016
I said this in a dramatic version of my english accent and it sounded hilarious 😂