[KHR] Diary Entry #27

[KHR] Diary Entry #27

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Alto ☆彡 By Kuubixient Updated Aug 08, 2017

Diary Entry #27

Dear Diary, 

Today, I got whipped by my father again. In fact, I rather not speak of such fatherly word to him ever again. Of course, the same for my mother.

My brother, Sawada Tsumeyashi, Tsume in-short, was spectating with such sad eyes. But I didn't care. After all, he took what I owned so far. 

Right now, jealousy, hate, anger seethed inside me. 

Running away from the residence which I once called home, I somehow ended up in a place called Namimori Shrine. 

And there, I met a white-furred six-tailed fox with beautiful and fluffy tails that it allowed me to touch on. Each tail has a flame which are the colours of the rainbow lighting on the tip and I think that is fascinating. It even allowed me to sleep on his tails!

It also told me its name...

Giotto, that's its name.

DISCLAIMER - I do not own Akira Amano's work, Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

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HanaOtaku HanaOtaku Oct 10, 2017
Its good tsuns found a playmate but ...
                              TSUNA!!!YOU'VE BEEN IN THE RAIN FOR ALONG TIME YOU'LL GET SICK!!!!!
ki1ira ki1ira Aug 20, 2017
Okay, he was in the heavy rain for... Hours! And he just alright.. How Sawada-sama?!
carleigh11kun carleigh11kun Dec 19, 2016
KibaraChichiro KibaraChichiro Nov 02, 2015
Author-senpia can I ask a question...how old is tsuna? And I love this story of yours it's cute