A New Memory Lane (Kaname Kuran x Reader)

A New Memory Lane (Kaname Kuran x Reader)

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Maryam By Maryamsyed26 Updated Aug 11, 2016

(Y/N) has two pasts. One is the truth, the other a lie. Humans think (Y/N) has loving parents and a great life... But vampires know that (Y/N) lost her parents at the age of 4 and is the (L/N) pureblood princess. In attempt to live a normal life, (Y/N) decides to attend Cross Academy. Obviously you'll be in the night class with all the other vampires... And maybe fall in love with one?

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Vampire Knight and any characters from the show (unfortunately). 

Please don't steal any ideas from my book. Don't be rude or hate. I hope you enjoy my book, love you!

(Y/N) = your first name
(L/N) = your last name
(H/L) = hair length
(H/C) = hair colour 
(E/C) = eye colour
(S/T) = skin tone
(F/C) = favourite colour

DianaTheDemonQueen DianaTheDemonQueen Aug 10, 2016
He doesn't deserve ether of that he deserves a good ol' slap across the face
DanielleJoy25 DanielleJoy25 Aug 09, 2016
My opinion,  I really like this book.  I can really relate to the main character imaging myself as her :))
neckoatte_chan3215 neckoatte_chan3215 Jun 22, 2016
There's no need to impress the1 u love just be yourself and if he doesn't like u for u then move on he's not werth the time
OtakuLover119 OtakuLover119 Jul 21, 2016
Finally! He does something hurtful to Ruka! (I dont have anything against her but her attitude)
Wabbit_Swayin Wabbit_Swayin Oct 08, 2016
What is krave??!! WHAT IS IT!!??? I feel left out... *tears* Australian over heee
-kawaii-kitty- -kawaii-kitty- Jul 06, 2016
Me:can I help u?
                              *everybody turns away*
                              Me: didn't think so 😎