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The Blood Slave {MikaYuu} ON HOLD/EDITING

The Blood Slave {MikaYuu} ON HOLD/EDITING

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xXx.jinx By xXxJINX Updated May 31

"Yuichiro Amane." Krul's mouse-like voice read aloud as she sat on a throne before the young vampires and livestock. At the very mention of the name, a few kids gasped. A few 'Yes's and sighs of relief could be heard from many of the other vampires leaving the blonde in complete and utter confusion. Not a moment later, a kid with messy raven hair and piercing emerald eyes walked out of the crowd and to the steps that led to the throne where the blonde nervously stood. His heart rate seemed to sped up a bit. He should've known. It was the disobedient one, the only livestock that ever seemed to defy the vampires. They called him, the Demon Child. 

"Yuichiro and Mikaela, once you have both finished your studies, Yuichiro will officially become your slave. As you should already know, aside from him being your personal servant, you will also be able to drink blood from him; hence the name blood slave. Before any of this will happen, Yuichiro will be taught slave etiquette." The raven scoff...

Throughout the anime did anyone else else get confused in the Dub when someone said Yuu or You?I know i did.
allboston allboston Dec 31, 2016
This has nothing to do with the story but my name is Mikaela and my nickname is mika and I just found this anime a year ago ^<>^
BlueAnime101 BlueAnime101 Mar 18, 2016
Let's see, oh yeah that's right, HE'S GIVING YOU FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS!
Another word for love is heart boner. have a heart boner.
Rynea10 Rynea10 Dec 29, 2016
                              Mika: First of all I look good in this shirt.
                              And second of all I look good in this shirt.
                              And third of all I look good in this shirt.
                              So tell me how I don't look good in this shirt.
                              I couldn't help it...
                              And now I've comented.. so you know I was here.