Mark x Matt x Nate x Jack [One-Shots]

Mark x Matt x Nate x Jack [One-Shots]

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♡♡♡ By popcornmatpat Updated Jul 15

a collection of weird and wordy one-shots for the ships between mark, matt, nate, and jack o(^▽^)o


[fluff + angst]

Are you sure that was Santa because that's something I wourd do
Creepypasta_maniac Creepypasta_maniac Jan 10, 2016
                              What's that noi-
                              *Feels break down my door*
                              no no nO NOT AGAIN
rimmyrim rimmyrim Jan 02, 2016
OMG I swear you could kill me with all this cuteness you're putting in all of these one shots!
Coffeebles Coffeebles Dec 25, 2015
I died on Christmas 
                              Cause of death: cuteness 
                              Please remember me